The Details Of Total Money Magnetism By Dr. Steve G. Jones

You might have heard someone mention total money magnetism and how it has the ability to change your life in an instant and that, immediately aroused some curiosity in you. On the other hand, you might be hearing this for the first time ever and you are wondering, what in the world is total money magnetism. Could it be a product, a theory or a way of doing things? Worry not, for the following total money magnetism review is about to enlighten you on all it is about.


What is Total Money Magnetism and what does it entail?


I am sure that this question that has been in your mind since you began reading this review. Without any further ado, I will reveal to you what total money magnetism is, so that your curiosity is quelled. Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut? Or nothing seems to be working for you no matter how hard you work?



No need to give up hope, for the product Total Money Magnetism is about to transform your life, perception and way of doing things. Total money magnetism is a personal realization and development product written by the renowned Dr. Steve. G. Jones. He wears many hats such as author, personal growth expert and lastly, clinical hypnotherapist.



Now, you might be thinking, “not another rags to riches inspirational story.” Call it what you may, but it has been tried and tested on many people, and believe it or not, it has brought a positive impact in their lives.



First, it has changed their thoughts and mindset from a poor man’s way of thinking, to a rich man’s way of thinking. It is worth noting that your thoughts are the drivers of your success and therefore, you need to have a rich man’s brain.



This review is meant to change your thoughts so that they can propel you into a lifetime of wealth and financial freedom. Something we all desire.



Total Money Magnetism is more of a personal growth training program that is based on the notion of reshaping your brain in the bid to make you more accomplished when it comes to money. It talks you into tapping into the hidden power of your brain and using it to accomplish great things.


About the Author, Dr. Steve. G. Jones


Total Money Magnetism course was created by the renowned Dr. Steve. G. Jones. He is famed for his financial expertise and for overcoming a difficult childhood and part of his adult years to become extremely successful.


Losing his mother to cancer and his father to alcoholism at a tender age gave him the impetus to come up with ways to overcome poverty. However, his success did not come over night. He has suffered a failed practice and even had the bank almost foreclosing on him until he bumped into an old colleague who was a millionaire.


This said friend gave him life lessons on wealth creation, management and financial freedom that Dr. Steve proceeded to apply in his own life. Once they worked for him, he decided to continue imparting them on people through the Total Money Magnetism course.



What is Featured in Total Money Magnetism?


Just like every other inspirational, motivational or personal development book, the Total Money Magnetism contains lots of components. We will be looking at them in brief, in a short while.



Below is a compendium of what you get, once you download or buy the Total Money Magnetism personal development book by Dr. Steve .G. Jones. (including all the bonuses!)


  1. An eBook (downloaded copy ).
  2. Videos that entail a millionaire’s mindset. It even features actual millionaires to make it more realistic. It is designed in such a way as to trigger you into changing your mindset towards achieving financial success. 
  3. Six hypnosis audios recorded by the author, Dr. Steve. G. Jones, that are meant to work in collaboration with the book, in the bid to upgrade your potential and propel you to a lifetime of wealth and financial freedom.
  4. A tip of 3 of Dr. Steve. G. Jones Platinum Sessions.
  5. Lastly, it features a video lecture by the name, '3 fastest ways to make money online.’ It owes its credits to one prosperous internet marketer, Mark Ling. It is aimed at providing insight to you, that will assist you achieve your financial objectives by making a fortune on the internet. Combining this 3 video course with the Total Money Magnetism program is bound to help you change failure into success.



What do customers say about  Total Money Magnetism?

Pros of Total Money Magnetism


This is the most important part of this review. It promotes the product and tells us why we should invest in it or rather, why we should own the Total Money Magnetism package.


Here is what makes this product so worthwhile:



Excellent quality product- the Total Money Magnetism hardcopy has been produced by the renowned Unica Publications. It is has an untainted record for producing superior quality digital information items. Our own Total Money Magnetism is no exception, as it reflects class, professionalism and excellent production which has been extended to its eBook, audios and videos.


Has knowledgeable, outlook changing teachings on wealth creation and financial freedom. What makes it worth having is the fact that it’s author has a real life story that is quite compelling and is bound to change your perspective towards wealth creation. It shows its audience that success and wealth creation is achievable once you change your mindset. This does not mean that you will get rich overnight, all it does is provide you with the insight to unlock your potential.


Affordable price. $47, is quite a reasonable amount for such a product, bearing in mind the extras it comes with.


Safe mode of payment and download process. A mode of payment that is safe and private is quite ideal. Once such mode is the Clickbank. It handles payments and downloads in a safe manner, guaranteeing you that all your details will be secure.


Lengthy refund period. If at all you are not impressed with the product, you can always get a refund.


Continuous support. While the Total Money Magnetism product was released into the market about a year ago, it has continued to receive unending support and updates throughout. This means that irrespective of how old ago you bought your product, it will always seem new due to the constant updates and support it receives.


Well written guide. The Total Money Magnetism course has been written in a simple and easy to grasp and apply manner. It features simple English and a conversational tone that is bound to keep confusion at bay.



Problems with  Total Money Magnetism


Nothing in life gives a 100% guarantee. Everything has its own downside, no matter how perfect it might appear. Take a look at some of Total Money Magnetism’s cons.


  1. Scope of the product is quite narrow. Compared to other products of its nature, the Total Money Magnetism course does not go beyond its scope which is a little bit unimpressive.
  2. Only available in digital form. The course can only be purchased online. It lacks a hardcopy version of it.



Final Thoughts



What you need to know about Total Money Magnetism is that, it does not promise to do an overnight magic trick on your brain that will have you producing money on the next day. All it does is provide you with techniques that will help you change your perspective about success and guide you towards achieving financial freedom. It helps you harness a mind power that will enable you achieve financial success. Therefore, if you have always desired to be wealthy and successful, I would recommend that you get the Total Money Magnetism. It will propel you towards a lifetime of wealth and financial freedom.




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